* Zyrtec and is licensed to Pfizer.

* Zyrtec and is licensed to Pfizer,USA Today Series continues by focusing on Health Costs ‘ effect on people with chronic diseasescancer: A new class of cancer drugs called targeted therapies can slow or stop the growth of cancer tumors, but the treatment can be expensive. Can add, for example, a so-called targeted therapy Herceptin with four or five years to a cancer patient ‘s life, but it costs more than $ 2,400 per month. Medicare beneficiary Phyllis Hingle pays 20 percent of the cost – $ 481 – a monthly injection of Herceptin to treat cancer in her liver received.

Heart disease: The expenditures for heart disease patients are expected to about $ 140 billion in 2005 amounted, compared with $ 70 billion for cancer patients, and $ 13 billion for HIV patients. Among individuals need heart procedure, about 25 percent are insured. California resident Susan Cloud, as more $ 100,000 was in medical debt, developed congestive heart failure after not able to make a $ 86,000 operation to a leaky heart valve repair could afford.Released these findings to a previous study by Bricker and colleagues, published in the May 2003 issue of Addiction that determined parents who smoke before their children accessible third year stop reduced significantly their child’s chances of always an smoking from their senior year of the High School. ‘Taken together, these both studies demonstrate that parents who are may to help by by the to her children have 8 or 9 years , prevent their children be adolescent smokers, early start, they smoking the smoking of young adults, ‘said Bricker, well as a clinical instructor at the University of on Washington the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Information about the children smoking behavior has charged if the children were at of the 12th Class and another two years of high school. – This study is unique because there the first prospective study to test a large group between parents and children in time, whether parents rely behaviors could be to follow in connection with their young adults kids up smoking, wrote Bricker.. Information about parents smoking behavior was imposed if child in the third class and once again at the 11th Class .

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