Whose secret payoffs from the prison lobby explain a total lot about his hypocritical.

Anti-cannabis presidential candidate Marco Rubio accepts bribes from prison indusrty Among the primary reasons why the cannabis plant continues to be vilified by many of the corporate fascists occupying D.C precio finasteride 1 mg http://lafinasterida.com . Is certainly this: jailing people for pot is certainly an extremely profitable endeavor that makes for-profit prisons and the companies that run them extremely rich. And on the dole of this corrupt gravy train is none other than Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, whose secret payoffs from the prison lobby explain a total lot about his hypocritical, anti-cannabis beliefs. Throughout a latest interview with chat radio host Hugh Hewitt, Rubio clarified his placement on the enforcement of federal drug laws, admitting along the way that he doesn’t support individual liberty.


Our Trojan Equine Liposomes represent a platform technology that enables the nanocarrier to end up being loaded easily with different medications without any chemical modification. Furthermore, the Angiopep ligand could be replaced by various other targeting molecules without an excessive amount of additional effort. Which means that the liposomes possess the potential to be utilized in several other illnesses, including neurodegenerative types such as for example Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntingdon’s disease, as well as other metastases or tumours. However, there is a lot work to be completed initial before this technology can enter the clinic. The researchers have to perform even more laboratory research to boost the treatment of mind tumours and metastases and to investigate further the mechanism of drug delivery.

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