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CSHL scientist discovers how bookmarking protein triggers leukemia Each cell inherits genes from its parent in addition to epigenetic info – what amounts to an instruction manual that specifies which genes ought to be activated or expressed, when also to what level. Chilly Spring Harbor Laboratory scientist Chris Vakoc, M suhagra .D., Ph.D., and his group have now discovered how a few of these epigenetic guidelines get stably transferred in one generation of cells to another. The scientists survey that newly formed cells inherit the data of which genes have to become highly active right away because of a helpful protein that bookmarks these genes during the division of their parent cell. Their findings come in the December 24th problem of Molecular Cell.


CSMLS calls on government leaders to prioritize health care during election The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Research is contacting the Government Party Leaders to make health care an integral priority during this election. ‘Since 1985, CSMLS provides sponsored this unique week, recognizing the incredibly vital part that medical laboratory professionals play in Canada’s health care program,’ says CSMLS President, Goldie Fagan.’ In the context of the existing federal election marketing campaign, CSMLS is certainly urging the Government Party Leaders to create important investments for medical laboratory professionals, and Canada’s general health care system, a key priority.

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