Together with the Head of Unit responsible for human and veterinary medicine.

The Senior Medical Officer will a number of on a number of issues relating to the Agency’s mission to protect and promote public health and animal health. The role involves coordinating activities between the Agency’s scientific committees and advice on scientific and public health matters. With a particular focus on preclinical and clinical aspects of medicines products for human use It will play an important role, together with the Head of Unit responsible for human and veterinary medicine, in a series of projects to ensure quality decisions of the Agency committees and strengthening the consistency of these decisions from.

Professor Eichler, an MD from the University of Vienna Medical School, Austria, and a Master of Science in Toxicology at the University of Surrey, Guildford, He received his clinical training at the Vienna University Clinic and the Poison Control Center in Austria, and at Stanford University, he gained experience in the results of research recently as a visiting professor of research results to the headquarters of Merck & Co. Prior to his research led him to several institutions in the U.S., UK and South Africa. Professor Eichler Member of several medical advisory boards in the Austrian Ministry of Health.Associates To further identify which molecular mechanisms with hypertrophy of the heart, Dr. Scott and colleagues graduated cardial A – kinase anchorage protein , who are known to play a critical part in the organization signaling complexes in response to catecholamine hormones and transmitted signals within cells.

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