This isnt speculative or subjective.

Burning up food prices: More corn going to ethanol production today than food production The world has a food shortage. This isn’t speculative or subjective, and it’s really not fear-mongering or alarmist. It’s a well-documented fact and, what’s more, the true experts – those that aren’t influenced by federal government or corporate interests – have already been trying to create that case for months online pharmacy . Moreover, these same experts say, the shortages are causing global meals prices to go up – dramatically in some cases – which is only leading to more hunger, more pain and more hardship. Therefore, what is america performing to blunt the effects of the food shortage? What’s official U.S. Policy regarding, say, the production of corn – the primary ingredient in scores of food products and livestock feed? Well, officially, our policy is to burn up a substantial amount of corn each year inside our automobiles – food that could be utilized to feed People in america and the world.

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