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Within the kidney, evidence has shown that proteins with type 1 angiotensin receptors integral part of excretion and blood pressure control salt, Coffman said. Which the receptors exhibit low blood pressure and low salt sensitivity, he said. Furthermore, drugs that block the function of AT1 receptors and their binding protein angiotensin II – so-called angiotensin receptor blockers and ACE inhibitors effectively treat patients with hypertension.Despite this treatment, it is not always the development of the formation of metastases.. Breast cancer is by far the the most prevalent form of cancer in women. About one in ten female suffer of the disease at a particular time in their lives. Around a quarter of the patients suffering a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer in which tumor cell. Often metastasis to other organs should be able to treatment, type of breast cancer is determined by the fact that the tumor cells produced protein being ErbB-2. When ErbB-2 is identified in the tumor cell in the tissue specimen hit routine basis of all breast cancer patients you must special and complicated treatment.

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