These tumors can be identified and tested.

Recurrent low-grade ovarian cancer to chemotherapy is less than more common ovarianGershenson said that these results are often unfavorable study results on ovarian cancer compared. ‘It is unclear whether the high stable disease is more reflective of tumor biology-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary or of the therapy regimen is administered. Because these tumors be treated be treated in conventional types of chemotherapy to respond new active ingredients, these tumors can be identified and tested,’Gershenson said.

###addition Gershenson include authors of the study: Charlotte Sun, Diane Bodurka, Robert Coleman, Karen Lu, Anil Sood, published annually in U.S. MD Anderson Department of Gynecologic Oncology.– using public funding of quality healthcare, no gains to shareholders.. – The objective would, the number of of number of the number order people that go to the hospital emergency room visits reduce by 60 percent and the number of hospital ambulatory 55 percent. Millions patient would redirected ‘polysystems ‘and hospitals that are not yet constructed unproven. These changes would cut upward? one billion from the hospital budget London forces wide Skala cutbacks and closures, as the report. – Clearly reduces commercial stake.

It it is expected that starting in 2011 it is to be a freeze on NHS budgets says the report, but the burden of cuts will fall to London.

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