The unavailability of data on HIV serostatus for many countries.

However, the unavailability of data on HIV serostatus for many countries. Not surprising, since only 34 percent of the world’s confirmed cases of TB are tested for HIV, dictates caution in interpreting this result. We are also, how difficult it is, HIV testing in TB drug resistance survey and how far we have to take on the full implementation of the 12 measures for the joint control of TB and HIV infection recommended by WHO remembers.

Clinical trialse Shows Promise, Sanofi-PasteurTrials of a new vaccine to protect people from the H5N1 bird flu strain had ,, said a spokesman for Sanofi-Aventis.According to the company, showed the preliminary results of clinical trials, a good immune response in a significant number of volunteers.This is the first study of an H5N1 pandemic influenza vaccine compared vaccines with and without adjuvants.The company added that the vaccine is safe and well tolerated. 300 healthy volunteers participating in the study.A 30 microgram dose with an adjuvant in a two – dose regimen showed an immune response to a level with the requirements of the regulatory authorities for the admission of seasonal influenza vaccine..Has the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSAS that one that a beef working company is recalling 129,000 pounds of beef 15 U.S. Countries concerning its possible contamination through potentially fatal foodborne illness bacterium E. Coli O157: H7.

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