The terms of the agreement.

Up to $ 193 million in additional payments upon achievement of pre-clinical and clinical development events, as well as regulatory and commercialization events for each product For all marketed products, which is the collaboration Roche full commercial rights and pay Metabasis a royalty on net sales. Mark Erion, Metabasis ‘ Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President for Research and Development, internally generatede HepDirect technology very promising shown in the provision of the activated form of certain antiviral nucleosides to the liver, and therefore has the potential to both enhance the antiviral activity of of these nucleosides, as well as the effective dose to reduce a partnership with Roche makes metabase Roche and combine their respective strengths in liver-targeting and hepatitis C research with this combination this combination drug drug candidate for HCV in the near future.

Will be aherapeutics collaborates with Roche to develop liver-targeted compounds for the treatment of hepatitis C – Metabasis Therapeutics, : announced that they are in a two-year research collaboration with Roche metabase ‘ HepDirec entered liver – targeting technology to Roche ‘s proprietary lead nucleosides in order to develop new treatments for hepatitis C virus .This was to increase the accuracy in the localization and detection tissue sample, the diagnostic error and enhance therapy even. ‘.. Engineers at the Johns Hopkins Urologist Robotics Lab report to the invention of a motor without metal or stream, the sure use electricity remote-controlled robot conducted medical devices to Krebs biopsies and therapies by. The engine that disk drives the device can be so accurate with your computer that the motions be controlled quiet and precise than a human hand. ‘Lots of biopsy on organs such prostate are present carried out blinded because the tumors typical invisible to commonly used for imaging tools,’says Dan Stoianovici, associate professor of urological from the Johns Hopkins and director of the robotic Laboratory.

‘Studies like this is important to to ensure we base at medical evidence of and providing the most effective health service. ‘ ‘This study does not change our clinical Email doctors or patient about hormone treatment,’said Buist. – ‘According to our study, as hereinbefore, women should engage to joint decision making with a their physicians about, that on assume Hormone their symptoms of menopause – and if so, for for how long,’added co-author Susan GB Buist. ‘Even women find the hormonal therapy helps its symptoms should consider every year whether a hormone therapy continued,’added Reed, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington and one affiliate investigators of Group Health Center for Health Studies..

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