The people in the country to low-cost restrict access.

Low costIDS Advocates In Thailand Urge Government mandatory License Program MaintainHIV / AIDS advocates in Thailand plan to meet with officials the government the government not at its compulsory license program, the people in the country to low-cost restrict access, generic versions of drugs such as antiretroviral drugs, AFP / reports. The program requires patent protection for brand-name drugs against HIV / AIDS, cancer and heart disease to deal with, so that low-cost, generic drugs into the market..

Alongkorn Polabutr, Thailand Deputy Minister of Commerce wants to visit the United States later this month in the again trade discussions, AFP / Google. J reports. Nimit Tienudom, director of the Thai AIDS Access Foundation, he will meet with the Minister before his departure. We are completely on the idea that do not Thailand, compulsory licenses contrast Nimit added that the program benefit Thai people as a whole. The open-label, sequential dose escalation study will leading cancer leading cancer institutions in the U.S., the combination of AV-951 and temsirolimus assess in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.As these federations is surprisingly, all the genes be of potential new drug targets and some of them might help explain conditions that have a secret. Nature Genetics issued two instruments to explain the results online seventh December, prior the part print issue.

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