The drug candidate has a Fast Track designation by the FDA.

About TNX-355 – treat TNX-355 is the most advanced humanized monoclonal antibody in development for HIV / AIDS. TNX-355 is different from other entry inhibitors that bind to receptors CD4 – the primary target of the HIV infection. The drug candidate has a Fast Track designation by the FDA. The company currently is. In discussions with the FDA regarding the clinical study design options for the next stage of TNX-355 development.

Moreover, the durability of antiviral activity of the TNX-355 regimen and OBR at 48 weeks greater than the placebo plus OBR when assessed by another secondary endpoint. Median time-to – loss of virologic response At week 48, the median time to loss of virologic response 230 days in the 10 mg / kg dose arm and 253 days in the 15 mg / kg dose arm. Both results were statistically significant (p= 0, median time-to – loss of virologic response was zero days in the placebo group.Lacorazza said, assumptions , but understanding the process that T-cell proliferation in the future to assist controlling research.

Other hand CYP3A – / – mice that expressing man CYP3A the liver showed only a slight decrease of the amount the orally administered docetaxol reached the blood. These data indicate a key of CYP3A for the intestine as mediator for first-pass metabolism of and led the authors indicate that the mice is a powerful tool in order to predict whether medications are developed work efficiently where orally administered bid. In an accompanying Comment Kenneth Thummel of the University of Washington, in Seattle, the usefulness of these mice expanding as tools on developing drugs and discusses how this data could variability in the variability of the first-pass metabolism of.

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