The 26th October event at Symphony Hall in Boston.

The 26th October event at Symphony Hall in Boston, MA instead raised $ 30,000 for the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation and the Melanoma Education Foundation. The concert was one supported several several fundraisers each year by the orchestra Healing Art of Music program that health charities. Over 2,000 people participated, including health care providers, children from 10 schools in Boston, skin cancer patients and their families, and the general public. The concert was preceded by an educational health fair with exhibits and free product samples.

The event was sponsored by Roche Bros, Sullivan Tire, Sullivan Toyota, Graceway Pharmaceuticals, Neutrogena Corporation, Dusa Pharmaceuticals, Boston University, Department of Dermatopathology, Candella Laser, Medical Laser Technologies and Coolibar Sun Protection.Mitt Romney won with which primaries and caucuses in the Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Utah (Cooperstown, New York Times.. Won lower republican candidates Sen. John McCain codes in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York City and Oklahoma, Alumni New Mexico Governor Huckabee win to primaries New Mexico, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia and the former Bay Gov.

Clinton was supported by more than half of Democratic voters, the health care and economy cited as its main subject. Among Republicans voter, the survey helpful in that four editions references below, 39 percent the business than its top concern in the choice, compared with 23 percent which references migrant , which quoted the war Iraq and 15 percent which quoted terrorism. McCain received assistance from 42 percent of Republican voters who references the economic as its most important theme .. According to exit polls, of the three questions, with 1 voters quotes health care as Your most important concerns in the election, compared with 48 percent who references economy and 29 percent who cited war in Iraq.

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