T obtain extra calcium in supplement form.

Dr. Dean recommends obtaining the minimum daily dependence on magnesium, and choosing a straight calcium-magnesium balance. .. Calcium supplements intake might increase threat of death from heart disease in men In a new research from the National Institutes of Health, startling benefits showed that men who took calcium supplements were more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who didn't obtain extra calcium in supplement form. Between 1995 and 1996, 388, 229 middle-aged Americans age groups of 50 to 71 were asked to answer questions about their life-style, general health and diet, including usage of supplements. Over the next 12 years, researchers tracked how many of them died, and from what causes.Increased degrees of IGF-1 have already been shown to increase dangers of breast cancers in 19 scientific publications, risks of cancer of the colon in 10 publications, and prostate cancer in 7 publications. Of further concern, increased IGF-1 amounts block natural defense mechanisms against early microscopic cancers, referred to as apoptosis. Predicated on these concerns, on 3 June, 1999, the United Nations Food Safety Company, representing 101 nations world-wide, ruled unanimously not to endorse or set safety standards for rBGH milk. Effectively, this has resulted in a global ban on U.S. Milk. Also predicated on these concerns, the Cancer Avoidance Coalition, endorsed by five leading nationwide specialists, petitioned the FDA in-may 2007 to label rBGH milk with an explicit tumor warnings.

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