Schroeder CELL.

Click here see see pictures and text Molecular basis for target RNA recognition and cleavage by human RISC SL Ameres. Martinez, Schroeder CELL . Doi: 10,037 University of Vienna Campus Vienna Biocenter 5 1030 Vienna, AustriaAustrian Science Fund?

Perutz Laboratories , but also the high quality of training training for young researchers in particular Ph.D. Programs. Publication of these results is also the culmination of Dr. Ameres ‘ Ph.D. Training he is now in in this type of program. Indeed, a special RNA Biology Ph.D. Program at the Campus Vienna Biocenter, founded in June 2007, to ensure that RNA research is its leading position in the long-term reserves. The work of molecular biologist Prof. E Schroeder also contributed to this success. Who supported the work of Dr Ameres Ameres using the prize money from the Wittgenstein Award given to it by the FWF in 2003, making an important financial contribution to the continuation of RNA research at the Campus Vienna Biocenter.. Ph. In 2003 opportunityThe results were published in the journal CELL highlights not only the quality of RNA research at the Max F.To enliven New ProcessStartInfo at produce embryonic stem cell, Might talk about research revision.

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