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CNIO researcher-led consortium to get MRA grant to advance research in melanoma A consortium led by CNIO researcher Maria S. Soengas has been selected as the beneficiary of 1 of eight analysis grants awarded this year by the prestigious US foundation MRA, the most important private international melanoma research basis A consortium led by the Spanish National Cancers Research Centre's researcher Mar-a S. Related StoriesNew drug mixture could be effective against malignant melanomaOncolytic viral therapy approved in the U http://vardenafilsverige.com .S. For make use of against late-stage melanomaNew results reveal association between colorectal melanoma and cancer medications The main goals of the project, which includes been awarded $900,000, are aimed at generating molecular equipment and validating new compounds that block the forming of lymphatic vessels, one of many routes that malignancy cells make use of to conquer brand-new organs and generate metastasis.


The collaborative spirit of cooperation between governmental organizations, academia, and market allows these next actions to progress. The Consortium will need that next thing by assembling a data package for submission to the FDA for review. Professor Stephen Rennard from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Dr. Ruth Tal-Singer of GlaxoSmithKline, Industry and Academic Co-Seats of the CBQC, express their commitment to the consortium: With respect to the academic and pharmaceutical company people of the CBQC, we are focused on data sharing and collaboration to build up new biomarkers that will ultimately improve patient treatment.

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