Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center performed involved women who had a mastectomy.

We typically irradiate the chest wall because it has been shown improve survival improve survival. From an abundance of caution, many radiation oncologists also treat the surrounding lymph nodes, but there is little evidence that these better results. .. Breast Cancer Patients facing radiation after a mastectomy May Be Over – Treated – A new study suggests, standard radiation therapy for some breast cancer patients may not be medically necessary and can therefore unnecessary serious side effects such as lymphedema and pulmonary problems are.

For the study, Anderson and colleagues the need to irradiate the lymph nodes in women whose axillary nodal status after surgery was judged negatively.The American Society of Anesthesiologistsanesthetists. Doctors & Dentists features the lifeblood to modern medicine was founded at 1905, the American Society of Anesthesiologists an educational, R & scientific association of 43rd 000 members organizes to lift and hold which standards of the medical practice of anesthesia and to improve the patient care.

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