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Bienert’s team put the plant genes coding for different NIP transporters into yeast cells in order to check the cells for arsenic sensitivity. The researchers discovered that the development of yeast containing specific plant NIPs was suppressed when arsenite, one of the predominant forms of arsenic within soil, was put into the mix. They demonstrated that the arsenite was channelled by NIPs and accumulated in the yeast cells.In comparison, sales of the HEALTH CARE Division slightly fell.6 % , product sales in the Diabetes Treatment business declined general for market-related reasons somewhat, as did product sales in the radiology and interventional business. Product sales in the Animal Wellness Division rose by 3.4 % . EBITDA before special components of Health care improved by 8.1 % to EUR 1,277 million . The bigger earnings were mainly due to the good business advancement at Pharmaceuticals and Customer Care. However, earnings development happened back again by higher selling expenditures.

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