Psychologist Keryn Stirling.

The classes will be held in the Psychology Section at UQ St Lucia this full month. She said the scholarly research had UQ ethics clearance and that volunteers could have control more than their exposure. While her research is certainly on spider phobia particularly, Mrs Stirling stated rhythmic tapping may potentially be applied to a variety of other phobias. ‘We are very happy to full the enrollment stage of the EVOLVE medical trial well before schedule,’ stated Professor Ian Meredith, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., Director of MonashHeart, Monash Medical Center, Melbourne, Australia, and Principal Investigator of the trial.‘But look at the alternative.’ The brand new study followed 2,602 individuals who got precancerous growths removed during colonoscopies for an average of 15 years. Their risk of dying from colon cancer was 53 % less than what will be expected among a similar group in the general population – 12 individuals followed in the analysis died, versus 25 estimated deaths in the general population. ‘There’s no question these are findings that we can consider to the bank,’ said Robert Smith, director of screening at the American Tumor Society, who mentioned that the study was not a randomized trial that is the gold regular in medical research. A second study in Spain found that colonoscopies did a better job of getting polyps than another common screening tool – tests that look for blood in stool.

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