Positron emission tomography.

Positron emission tomography, or PET, is nuclear cardiac imaging, optimal evaluation of blood flow in the heart. When paired with CT, or computed tomography, the PET – CT scanner should be an accurate, non – invasive tool for the detection and assessment of the severity of heart disease, said Gould, CEO of Weatherhead PET Center.

In 23 % false showed severe false abnormalities suggesting heart disease, which Gould could have unfairly emergency emergency heart no he had no further tests of of the inaccurate results. We mistake used be used in the technology as now can detect failure of doctors and found to correct those errors can have a huge impact on the lives of patients, said Gould, the Martin Bucksbaum Distinguished University Chair. These false-positive results may to. Unnecessary procedures for nonexistent heart problems or for problems that could be treated without surgery ..– ‘Testing number of research facilities around the country this idea using different types of workers and the in different industries,’adds Goetzel.. Goetzel and his team have will 29th the findings from her study Oct. 2008 presented, at the annual convention to the American Public Health Association San Diego. – ‘These are first results of of a longer and larger multi-site study that of the of the launch relatively low-cost Environment & Ecology targeting interventions at the workplace to reduce of the growth of overweight and adiposity in employees,’says Goetzel, research Professor of Health policy and Management, Rollin School of Public Health, Emory.

‘ ‘We now have concrete information in our own families in that the the SERT a risk factor for risk factor for autistic, ‘Blakely said. ‘Perhaps most importantly, we to tread new paths that could have some therapeutic endpoints, and to is really good news for our. ‘.. Based on these results, forecast Blakely and Sutcliffe that there tested one day an opportunity to children with autism for these gene variants, similar to test of cystic fibrosis did, a disease linked with a single gene, but also caused by many different mutation. – ‘Autism term genetic risk genetic risk, but these new findings suggest that may be many variants single genes at work, ‘Blakely said.

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