Our work suggests that vitamin D enhances the anti-inflammatory function of corticosteroids.

Researchers immune cells incubated for 72 hours with a staphylococcal toxin to corticosteroid to induce resistance vitamin D restored the activity of dexamethasone. – ‘Our work suggests that vitamin D enhances the anti-inflammatory function of corticosteroids,’said Dr. ‘If future studies confirm these findings vitamin D may help asthma patients more control over their respiratory symptoms with less medication.’.

The researchers examined electronic medical records of 100 pediatric asthma patients referred to National Jewish Health. Overall, 47 % of them had. Vitamin D insufficient, below 30 nanograms per milliliter of blood Use of patients had levels below 20 ng / ml, which is deemed defective.In One recent paper to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported the Hultgren group and its staff to the successful development of of second generation of anti – pilus treatments or pilicides. Third generation is already in the test phase now is, and that researchers hope tests of their strongest pilicides starting animal models within a year.

Urinary tract infections occur primarily women and are one of most frequent infections, representing approximately $ 1.6 billion on medicine cost annually in the USA. Scholars believe 90 % of urinary infections , which were brought by poor hygiene , sexual behavior and immigration of the intestinal microflora in conjunction, the bacterium Escherichia coli the bacterium Escherichia coli . Outer membrane The half of the women learn a UTI at some point in their lives, and an additional recurring cystitis will influence 20 to 40 % these patients. Researchers previously assumed be repeated infection had primarily situated on new infections from the colon, normally be coli. However Hultgren laboratory produced evidence to coli can be be a sleep state in the bladder where cause any symptoms and is invisible the immune.

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