METHODS The PROMPT study was a prospective double-blind placebo controlled.

At the end the study , the anti-CCP .. METHODS The PROMPT study was a prospective double-blind placebo – controlled, randomized multicenter trial in 110 patients with undifferentiated arthritis. Treatment started with MTX 15 mg / week or placebo tablets, and by by 3 – monthly calculations of the Disease Activity Score , with the goal of DAS 2, 12 months after the study medication was tapered nil. Patients were treated for 30 months. If a patient met the ACR 1987 criteria for RA, the study medication was changed MTX.

A high degree of CCP a simple blood test a simple blood test, is strong with joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis that results in cartilage and bone destruction. Interestingly, anti-CCP shows up earlier, often two or three years earlier in otherwise healthy individuals, as there symptoms and onset of the disease. – ‘This proves, you can intervene in a disease process from this process from chronic and / or with devastating effects on the patient,’said Tom WJ Huizinga, chairman of the Department of Rheumatology, Professor of Rheumatology, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, and an investigator in the study.As Daudert explains the lights most patients highly satisfied with the telescope. ‘study in Europe studies in Europe, patient improved from two or three viewing positions for this eye chart to the use of telescope,’says Lichter ‘And we have found the same thing here at our patients. Blurred view-Wavy appearance of straight .

National Eye Institute: Age-Related Macular degeneration: What you should know.

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