It was at such a presentation that a person Martinez Conde approached and said.

It was at such a presentation that a person Martinez – Conde approached and said, ”You know what, I see the gorilla has, but I have autism I wonder wondering if it I knew with it. I knew then we had something important on our hands, ‘she said.

The authors conclude, that could change the treatment with docetaxel for patients with locally advanced cancers of the larynx and hypopharynx and avoid that more of these patients had total laryngectomy. However, they warn that ‘Because we proposed treatment to a selected population? Transportation of patients with only larynx and hypopharynx cancer and this study organ preservation, organ preservation, conditions can not we? Results eralize to all locally advanced head and neck cancer. ‘.Monica Becker, Sally Edwards and Rachel Massey be aware that of June the government of of the United States 12 million promotional glasses at be recalled sells at a fast-food chain of restaurants as the varnished coat of cadmium, contain a poisonous metal. Since 2007 the government more than 17 million more than 17 million toys because of high levels of lead. The report says that these and other events have brought concern about the problem of the toxic materials in toys and other products to children , many of which are produced abroad. The substances can be ingredients either suspicion and recognized as a potentially harmful to the health of children. While the government well-documented interest groups and important steps problem the problem, have met including the the use of certain material, the response stays insufficient the scientists say..

The authors recommend the more than one action for government, including the prohibition or Restriction of all substances with well-documented toxicity in toys and other children’s products. They offer recommendations on how toy industries can proactively, including the formation of a industrial-wide list toxic substances to avoid. Until occur significant change into policy and practice, consumers can not be be sure to products that they buying children, healthy children, healthy and environmentally sustainable, is the report said..

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