It forms an image.

The new software has been the Department of the Department of Medical and Biological computer science professor Hans-Peter Meinzer in collaboration with DKFZ radiologists line. The computer program converts two-dimensional CT or MRI data into a three-dimensional reconstruction. Thus, it forms an image, During surgery in all directions and illustrates organs and tumors in a spatial relationship to adjacent structures.

In cases of pancreatic cancer it is especially precise knowledge of accurate knowledge of the anatomy of the tumor have around as various organs and major blood vessels in close proximity. Therefore, prior to surgical removal, surgeons need to know whether the tumor on the pancreas is limited or already grown into surrounding tissue. The three dimensional image provides physicians with a precise spatial vision of the tumor location and size. Radiologists can these images accurate more accurate results. Surgeons can use this technology preoperatively to obtain precise information on the individual patient’s anatomy. During surgery, the virtual image of surgeons helps with orientation.Despite the efforts of government and public health officials, increases the number of in overweight and obese youths enhance. Fight the done to combat the growing outbreaks of obesity and diabetes. There is a cost linked by extension of the deadline question is: question is:. , how it is paid he added: I guess I would leave it[ Ways and Means Committee Chair Bill] Thomas change. Building Republican Study Committee Chair Mike Pence , the passage of the the Chairman Grassley accounting will be the first crack in the wall of a growing.[ the drug to benefit] right to pence wrote Republican in danger of losing are a controlling stake in the house if they do not point further fiscal year conservatism of (May CongressDaily..

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