In the current issue in the current issue of Nature Communications.

Another way to detect Alzheimer’s diseaseresearcher at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have discovered that a well – known chemical process called acetylation, a previously unknown connection with the biological processes of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders assigned. In the current issue in the current issue of Nature Communications.

However, the overriding message from this and other studies about heart disease risk, in spite of the various measures and risk estimates , the bottom line is that many of us to lose excess weight need. Start Physicians should, weight, size, ease of assessing assess waist circumference and BMI to heart disease A simple waist-hip ratio measurement is a strong predictor of heart disease. .. The results of this study are relevant for predicting risk in relatively healthy men and women in the general population, said Canoy. More research is whether abdominal fat distribution is an independent risk factor for heart disease in people who have chronic and other diseases at baseline needed. – People whose abdominal fat she is at higher risk for heart disease do not always appear overweight or obese, Canoy said..

So again, prevent maintain a healthy weight, exercise, eat healthy, attempt a high level of alcohol intake, a high salt – foods such as high – processed foods of and so on, and these stressful situations, at risk put you in danger. Avoided the development of hypertension.

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