In November California Could Legalize Pot When California voters check out the polls in November.

The proposal would ban users from ingesting marijuana in public or smoking it while minors are present. It also would make it illegal to obtain the drug on college grounds or get while under its impact. Local governments would determine whether to permit and tax marijuana product sales. Proponents of the measure say legalizing marijuana could conserve the condition $200 million a yr by reducing public security costs. Simultaneously, it could generate tax income for local governments. A Field Poll taken in April found a thin majority of California voters backed legalizing and taxing marijuana to greatly help bridge the state spending budget deficit.Do people really want to live in a nation where doctors cannot have opinions outside of those promoted by pharmaceutical businesses and the doctors on their payroll? Should doctors like me shut up about pharmaceutical dangers and useless procedures? Do you want the anti-smoking community had just shut up about the risk of tobacco? Or that leaded gasoline was still in use, or allowed in children’s toys and paint for homes? I am free to speak my mind and speak the truth, as a doctor, a father, and an American. I urge you and urge all doctors to come out of the shadows and from under the rock where they hide. Open your eyes and open your mouth. There are a huge selection of us out there on the front line defending the sanctity of children.

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