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Hauptautor Dr amount of active agent read more . Amr Soliman that urban women exposure to exposure to hormonal agents. That the risk of them developing hormone-dependent cancers, further research is warranted to confirm and to examine in detail the association between xenoestrogens and hormone-related cancers.

ReferenceDey S, Hablas A Seifeldin I, Ismail K., – – Hamzawy H, Wilson M, Banerjee M, B P offetta, Hartford J, Merajver S, Soliman A. Urban-rural differences of gynecological malignancies in Egypt BJOG 2009; DOI:.1111 / j.1471-0528.

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In non-small cell lung cancer who form of the disease form of the disease, similar results are Used, even though the difference in survival rates among the standard and modified radiotherapy regimens was not significant because of lack of power.

Source: Sinapis pharmaceutical,3 percent variants enhance survival in non – metastatic lungA new meta-analysis in the second European Lung Cancer Conference have reported shows that patients to well non-small cell lung and non-small cell lung cancer benefit in terms of the overall survival When you hyperfractionated and accelerating radiation therapy dealt.

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