During a national address on Tuesday marking World AIDS Day kamagra oral jelly.

During a national address on Tuesday marking World AIDS Day, gave the South African President Jacob Zuma, a new policy on the treatment for pregnant women and babies living with HIV, the new York Times reports, to expand kamagra oral jelly . Published Monday by the WHO, the new policy on pregnant women, guidelines babies are born healthy goal, in accordance with the new treatment guidelines, the newspaper writes (Dugger.

This additional funding in direct to the to the government of South Africa wish, plaster said in a statement, according to a second story from the AP, U.S. Officials have said that Zuma had opened with new approach, a new era of collaboration, on countries to that they are better on the South African government on the agenda, AP reports (Bryson, Donald Gips, the American ambassador to South Africa, announced that give the United States would South Africa help to $ 120,000 in the next two years, the antiretroviral drugs ARVs This comes on top of the $ 560,000 of the United States is already planning to South Africa in 2010 to combat AIDS enter, said the New York Times (write 01.


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