Centenary Institute launches new BD LSR-9 Circulation Cytometer with nine lasers for research of rare cells New flow cytometer will help in fight cancer, asthma, cardiovascular, autoimmune and infectious diseasesA world-first study system to be launched today in the Centenary Institute gives medical researchers in Australia a new weapon in the fight cancer and various other life-threatening diseases. The new BD LSR-9 Flow Cytometer with its nine lasers will be the initial user-operated flow cytometer with unprecedented ability to identify and analyse uncommon cells.The group designed and fabricated microfluidic gadgets – – about how big is a matchbox – – containing 1,600 to 6,400 miniature lifestyle chambers that may sustain robust cell development, alongside an automated time-lapse imaging program to monitor clones over multiple times because they expand from solitary cells. ‘There are numerous challenges linked to the tradition of suspension cells in nanolitre volumes including dehydration, nutrient limitations, and quick variations if culture circumstances are not well managed,’ says Lecault. The team could solve these complications by integrating an osmotic bath to block evaporation coupled with a exclusive geometry which allows for automated moderate exchange, immunostaining on live cell and clones recovery..

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