Can diabetes-related dementia be prevented?

Can diabetes-related dementia be prevented? People who have diabetes are known to be at improved risk for dementia, and scientists were hopeful that a full-fledged assault on bloodstream sugar may push away diabetes-related mental decline. But no such good fortune . Pictures: Alzheimer’s disease: 7 things that raise your risk New research suggests intensive blood glucose control won’t perform anything to stop the cognitive decline that accompanies diabetes. We know that people with type 2 diabetes have a higher threat of dementia and storage loss than people without diabetes, study co-author Dr.

Nothing more, nothing much less!. Can homeopathy aid depression? What is homeopathy? It is a fairly unconventional form of treatment that takes into consideration the person’s entire mental and bodily type along with the symptoms of the problem. The simple principle followed by this form of treatment is that the symptoms of an illness caused by a compound will be cured giving the individual the same substance in the form of homeopathic medicines. Why opt out of anti unhappiness drugs? The problem with chemical-based drugs is that they may reduce the symptoms of melancholy but just for a while. Basically, pharmaceutical drugs not merely interfere with the healing up process, but also may lead to suppressing it.

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