But the publisher has recently discovered itself embroiled in a scandal involving Kevin Folta.

That’s what we do here at Natural News. We eventually do it in a way that’s a many more activism oriented and it sometimes angers the establishment. And so what? I’m fighting to save lots of lives here; to teach people how they can live healthier, longer lives without being victimized by the pharmaceutical industry or the for-profit malignancy industry. Any person who is scared to ruffle a few feathers shouldn’t be considered a journalist – – or an activist – – in the first place. I don’t run Natural Information to win any recognition contests. I pursue it with a passion for preventing suffering, assisting fellow human beings and protecting our world from the unwell medical establishment that stands in the form of real healing.The plan, which proposes to cut a complete of $400 billion in federal spending, comes from an Oct. 28 statement from the Heritage Basis that tasks $2.5 billion in financial savings from a freeze on VA health-care spending increases, and $1.9 billion in savings from scrapping disability obligations for veterans already receiving Interpersonal Security Disability Income . Peter Gaytan, executive director of The American Legion’s workplace in Washington, said, ‘Congress must find different ways to reduce federal spending that don’t affect veterans benefits and health care.

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