Bronx churches.

At Jubilee Baptist Church, ten women over the age of 55 enrolled in the scheduled program. After the initial blood-pressure screenings, nine of the ten women had been diagnosed as pre-hypertensive or hypertensive. A series of workshops over the next several months were tailored to address the specific needs of the group. This series of workshops was extremely beneficial to our church family with regards to making important changes in lifestyle, stated Pastor Liz Townes-Shuler of Jubilee, who discovered for the first time through the screenings that she had high blood pressure.A lot more than nine out of ten nurses questioned agreed that stopping infections, including febrile neutropenia, is important to achieve an effective outcome for sufferers undergoing chemotherapy extremely. ‘The chance of neutropenic attacks poses yet another threat to cancer individuals undergoing chemotherapy, at the same time when a patient’s psychological and physical energy needs to be focused on dealing with cancers. The survey results suggest that the risk of neutropenia and the effect this may have on patients’ scientific care and standard of living must be taken even more seriously,’ said Kay Leonard, European Oncology Nursing Society Board Member.

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