BioTime announces acquisition of CTI assets BioTime

BioTime announces acquisition of CTI assets BioTime, Inc here . Today announced that it has obtained substantially all the possessions of Cell Targeting, Inc. , a Cleveland, Ohio-based biotechnology firm conducting analysis in regenerative medication. The technology obtained from CTI uses peptides chosen because of their ability to abide by diseased tissues. By covering or ‘painting’ these peptides onto the areas of therapeutic cells using methods that do not change the cell physiology, CTI provides produced tissue-specific and disease-particular cell modification brokers with potential to consider cell therapy items to a new degree of efficiency.

Read on on Character’s news blog page.. Crossposted from Nature’s news blog Experts knowingly violated ethical boundaries if they infected Guatamalan prisoners intentionally, mental health patients, and prostitutes with sexually transmitted illnesses in a 1940s research study, yesterday a presidential commission concluded. After picking through 125,000 pages of traditional documents, the committee decided that the experiments had been unethical by the prevailing norms of the period even, and that those that conducted the study sought to keep experiments out from the public eye actively. It had been also no incident that the study was performed in Guatemala, argued Amy Gutmann, chairwoman of the president and commission of the University of Pennsylvania.

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