Because of nutrition experts at California Wellness & Longevity Institute.

30-40 percent of children?s calorie consumption are eaten at school each day 80 percent of US schools cook fewer than half of their entrees from scratch 50 percent of children eat less than one serving of vegetable or fruit each day; 7-10 servings of fruit and veggies are suggested daily for disease avoidance 65 percent of the US population is overweight or obese 15-28 percent folks children are overweight 27 percent increase of obese and obese children within the last 10 years.. California Health & Longevity Institute experts share healthy cooking food menus with Oak Park Unified School District cafeteria staff Children and teens returning to college in the Oak Recreation area Unified School District this September have healthier choices for school lunches, because of nutrition experts at California Wellness & Longevity Institute.BioCurex data files patent for man made peptide in RECAF test BioCurex, Inc. – – today announced that it provides filed a fresh patent within the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which includes 142 countries presently. The artificial peptide also permits a great many other applications that can’t be performed with an antibody. BioCurex’s patent program contains over 50 statements covering different applications and uses of the peptide. That is one of our most crucial technical advancements because the RECAF cancer check was announced, stated BioCurex CEO and President Dr. Ricardo Moro-Vidal. The merchandise of many years of work, this patent will improve everything we perform while reducing the complexity and price of the process.

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