AyoxxA Biosystems closes 2.

AyoxxA Biosystems closes 2.6M Euro Series A funding round AyoxxA Biosystems, a global biotechnology company, announces it all has closed a 2 today.6 million Euro Series A financing round male-potency-problem.htm click here . The circular was led by Wellington Companions CAPITAL RAISING and included NRW. Gregor Siebenkotten, both formerly executive board people and co-founders of amaxa biosystems. The money raised will be utilized to operate a vehicle the further advancement of AyoxxA’s proprietary system technology and the scale-up of creation of its novel bead-based biochips because the company techniques towards commercialization. AyoxxA’s technology is targeted at transforming the throughput and precision of protein evaluation to provide the analytical power today seen limited to DNA arrays.


Avinger and PDL BioPharma close structured funding and royalty transaction Avinger, Inc. And PDL BioPharma, Inc. announced today the closing of a organized financing and royalty purchase on April 18, 2013, where PDL provides Avinger with up to $40 million of mezzanine financing. PDL offers $20 million at closing or more to yet another $20 million upon accomplishment of certain future income milestones. In exchange, PDL shall receive curiosity on the main amount outstanding and a minimal, single-digit royalty on Avinger'through April 2018 s revenues. Lumivascular procedures hire a catheter program that incorporates light-centered, radiation-free of charge, intravascular imaging technology within the real interventional device.

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