Arias noninvasive test far better in detecting Trisomy 18 & 21 Aria Diagnostics.

We are very excited about this 1st publication that demonstrates the prospect of a noninvasive test that’s highly accurate, cost efficient and scalable. .. Aria’s noninvasive test far better in detecting Trisomy 18 & 21 Aria Diagnostics , a molecular diagnostics organization, today announced publication of data supporting a directed, noninvasive approach to cell-free DNA evaluation in maternal bloodstream for evaluation of two common fetal trisomies linked to genetic disorders. The results, assessing the detection of Trisomy 21 and Trisomy 18 , were published on the web at Our ability to identify pregnancies at high risk for chromosomal abnormalities has significantly improved over the last decade, but has limitations in precision and price still, stated Dr.Baloh, MD, PhD, includes a clinical trials group set up to go this extensive research in to the clinic. ‘Muscle is much more readily available for treatment and biopsy than brain tissue or the spinal cord, which makes this strategy very appealing,’ Svendsen said. ‘Our previous findings offer strong evidence that the viral vector can transfer the GDNF proteins into muscle, and we’ve shown that GDNF delivered to muscles might slow disease progression. We appreciate the Section of Protection's interest and funding, which can make it possible for us to help expand this exciting analysis.’ Svendsen's analysis group in 2012 received a $17.8 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to build up stem cell treatments for individuals with ALS based on injections of stem cells releasing GDNF in to the spinal cord.

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