And access to skilled birth professionals and emergency obstetric care.

Gambian Vice President and Secretary of State for Women’s Affairs Isatou Njie – Saidy said that the government of the country with partners to a voluntary program to implement family planning, and access to skilled birth professionals and emergency obstetric care. Njie – Saidy added that men ‘power. Widespread situations of personal and family decisions, policy and program decisions made at all levels of government ‘.

– Professional expectations and commitments – Stress and Time Management – Professional guide – Achieving a work-life balancethe workshop is from Mark Brennan, a clinical educator specializing in clinical ethics, law and professionalism led to Mark is an Honorary associate Dean of the Postgraduate Deanery for Kent, Surrey and Sussex , he also teaches at the Royal College of Surgeons. Of England and Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency Mark is a doctor from the MDU medico-legal advisory team and an MDU Liaison Manager, practical advice and will be connected to questions.Due to the increasing No. Of multi-resistant organism promoting APIC a culture of ‘zero tolerance ‘towards non – compliance with those measures found nosocomial infections further prevent the of the federation calls for health care facilities, the efforts. To increase these infections are these infections.

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