According to a fresh study.

Certain cancer surgeries for low-risk sufferers may be performed at community hospitals Low-risk patients who require certain malignancy surgeries can have the methods performed with low operative mortality rates at community hospitals, according to a fresh study. The extensive analysis showed that for 13 different types of cancer surgeries such as gastric and colon, younger individuals with few pre-existing illnesses survived procedures at community hospitals at a similar rate as at cancers centers medication . But patients who are considered risky or who need complicated cancer surgeries have an increased survival rate at specialized cancer centers. Patients with esophageal and pancreatic cancer, among the most complex cancer surgeries, are doubly likely to survive a surgical procedure at a specialized malignancy center.

Centrist Dems have mixed responses to new Obama health plan ‘The sweeping health-care bundle unveiled this week by the White House appears to encounter big hurdles in the House, with abortion and unease among moderates potential stumbling blocks to winning passage of the legislation,’ The Wall Street Journal reports. President Obama’s proposal Monday has ‘drawn mixed testimonials from moderate Democrats,’ who encounter electoral pressures and perhaps dispute specific policy tips. Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., for example, ‘criticized a new White House provision that would give the authorities powers to carry down insurance costs, saying that needs to be up to the claims’ . McClatchy: ‘Because of Obama’s pending summit, virtually no Democrats wanted to criticize the president’s effort publicly, nonetheless it was obvious that once the summit’s over, the White Home faces substantive and political problems in getting a comprehensive package approved.

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