About NEXAGOThe active substance in NEXAGO.

Conversely, other data that connexin43 is wrong show at the edge of chronic wounds upregulated. CODA believes should help to focus available medical options and design more efficient healing alternatives by devising a therapeutic approach that meets biological mechanisms naturally at work or vice versa, at fault in a particular situation in a particular situation. Likely to likely to lie in connexin43, was seen as a ‘master switch ‘in wound healing that is temporarily ‘off’for superior healing of acute wounds left left ‘on’can cause to the unwanted inflammation and / or blocked healing characteristic of chronic wounds.

Health care system David Eisenbud, a vascular surgeon with expertise in wound assessment and treatment, and the former president the American Academy of Wound management. ‘the results of the phase 2 new study far beyond expected healing results with the current standard care. Focuses on wound healing as a doctor, in addition to Dr. Ulcer tremendously from tremendously from a treatment that closes their wounds with an average of almost 70 percent in just four weeks. That is simply not available right now, and the NEXAGO treatment results shows a 31 percent increase in the complete healing after four weeks are remarkable. The healing process tends to be much slower, and other chronic wound healing studies usually use a 12-16 week of treatment.Skin cancer the most frequent form for cancer diagnosed with today, by about 1 million new cases each year in the USA. From both main classes of skin cancers, melanoma and non-melanoma, the latter. There are two common kinds of non-melanoma skin cancer, to age. and squamous , the types evaluate in this study.

In addition to Dr. Christenson, well members Mayo Clinic research team Theresa Borrowman, disc, Celine Vachon, Megha Tollefson, disc, Clark Otley, disc, Amy Weaver and Randall Roenigk, disc This study was funded by the Mayo Clinic the Department of Dermatology.

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