A survey of 500 General Practitioners through urethra.

Contact: Lisa Rossi Phone: 412-647-3555 Mobile: 412-916-3315 Fax: 412-624-3184 Tel Alan AldingerMajority of GPs now doubts about the scientific value of animal testsmajority of GPs now doubt the scientific value of animal testing of 82 percent of their patient safety concernpatient advocacy group commissioned Europeans For Medical Advancement, a survey of 500 General Practitioners, by TNS Healthcare (performed between. August 2004 The company, which customers in the pharmaceutical customers in the pharmaceutical industry, chose the GPs a thorough a thorough demographic and geographic UK results show results show a surprising level of distrust in the results through urethra . Obtained from animal experiments:.

Lib said the shadow Environment Secretary Norman Baker MP,’. This is an important result of the study, the questions right he extent to which it safely extrapolated results from animal tests rely There must be a debate on this matter. Rather than the sterile one that the media has created artificial confrontation ‘animal extremists ‘with ‘men in white coats ‘. While I completely condemn the intimidation and illegal actions of a few extremists, it is wrong to say that the media makes it all too often that the scientific and medical community is all in favor of experiments on animals, and they all feel with extrapolation of the results sure they are not, and they are not.


Prescribing outpatient of oxygen in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease improves exercise performance, not the quality of daily living, when at rest hypoxaemia have according to researchers in Toronto. ‘Ambulatory oxygentherapy routine basis decreed of those not comply with tests Invite of a mortality reduction,’wrote Roger S. Goldenstein, Professor of Medicine and Physiotherapy around West Park Healthcare Centre Toronto, perform author of the study. ‘[ The survey] proposes to serious problems with the indiscriminate use of of oxygen by day-to-day to relieve dyspnoea patients with COPD without rest hypoxemia. ‘.

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