A second WFP flight is abandoned due to Brindisi tomorrow.

A second WFP flight is abandoned due to Brindisi tomorrow, while on Saturday, one of WFP ‘s largest corporate partners, global, express, logistics and mail company, made another 33 tonnes BP-5 flying high energy biscuits from the government donated by Norway. ‘This is the latest example of the invaluable support we have received from TNT,’said WFP Pakistan Representative German Valdivia. ‘We appreciate TNT ‘s assistance to our operation in Pakistan. Cash. WFP is for the international assistance for the non-operation of food aid to one million people in Pakistan provide appealing for the next six months in addition to the Norwegian cookies, have cash donations already started to come in. Canada announced last night that there were $ 4, support to air operations, for which Switzerland $ 500,000 $ 500,000, Saudi Arabia has donated 4,000 tons of dates, as well as U.S.

The distribution of the biscuits was help by the absence a non-governmental organization in the city with the capacity to carry it complicated that it is necessary for WFP to recruit volunteers from the local community. Everything was lined up very smoothly today, with no looting or chaotic scenes people, coupons, and other items,ather then exchanged for food rations at three separate distribution points, ‘said Keith Ursel, a officer officer programs who Organization of distributions. ‘Some people said this was their first food since the earthquake. ‘.A recent study which led from Wu Xiujie from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Palaeoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Volume 53, Issue16 says of the Chinese Science Bulletin. Using high-resolution industrial CT the homopolymers Liujiang brain image. The Liujiang head most complete and well-preserved late Pleistocene human fossil discovered discovered in southern China.. Good condition in the brain the morphology of the Homo Liujiang cranium Fossils.

Human form of fossils are the most important material to explore of human origin and evolution. Since most hominin fossils are not complete, or is filled with a severely calcified matrix, is is difficult or impossible, often in an actual endocast endocast reconstructing destructively.

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