A 1st June 2002.

Davis developed severe circulation problems in his leg and the doctors offered an opportunity to amputation from the hip down, along with a permanent feeding tube. Doctors also recommend that patients and their families consider only comfort care. – His family decided against surgery, so that a comfort only or hospice care decision. The quality of life of my father deteriorated and would have been worse, said Scott Davis, the son of the man. Since Mr. That was the humane option instead undergo several operations that would deprive him of his dignity, leave him on a feeding tube and an amputated leg, he said.

After the Schiavo battle in the courts last year, it is ironic that a carer who may force responsible for the violations, the desperate measures – like a permanent feeding tube and an amputation at the hip – would have been the doctors and family access confronted with these difficult medical decisions, said Edwards. This kind of defense tactic a nursing home with the care and responsibility on the sick and disabled, Solutions a frightening development of an individual right to make their own medical decisions. .Contacts: Diana Olson 703-299-0201 Infectious Diseases Society of Americapatients with persistently liver function but do not serology signs of liver disease can still hepatitis C viral infection, according to a study published in the January – 1 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, is online.

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